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Do you see the old bearded wise manwith a tall hat and an earring that glows, staring in awe at the bright blue star?

Sorry. You're just seeing things.

What we're looking at here is nothing more than a gaseous cloud of hydrogen atoms left over from an exploded star about two light years tall seen from the Hubble Telescope.

We humans try to see things that aren't really there. The human mind is hardwired to make sense out of disorder and chaos. Our brains look for order and pattern and meaning everywhere.

We get all goose-bumpy and teary-eyed when we meet a stranger who doesn't feel like a stranger but like a long lost friend we've somehow known forever. We feel that "chance had nothing to do with it, that the Universe must have conspired to bring things together, perfectly, through space and time to this particular moment and out of the billions of people on the planet, what are the odds, oh, they are simply too overwhelmingly great not to believe this connection is not somehow, some way, devinely ordained."

We humans crave the discovery of meaning in synchronicity, serendipity and coincidence.


Because no matter how hard we try to stand outside the Universe peering in through the keyhole, trying to understand and make sense of it all, we are the keyhole peering in at ourselves. We are as integral a part of the Universe as the long ago exploded stars and the new stars forming.



So, our universal need to see things that really aren't there might really mean that the things we are seeing really are there.

So, synchronicity, serendipity and coincidence may not, after all, be flighty figments of our imaginations. It turns out that the things we think are synchromatic, serendipitous and coincidental may indeed be fact.


And good old hard science is proving it.



My phone doesn't ring for two hours. All of a sudden it rings five times in five minutes. Work doesn't come in the door for months, then three new projects walk in unexpectedly the same day. I call my daughter and before I can say anything she says, "Dad, I was just hoping you would call me."

For quite some time, we have known that the very observation of an experiment with sub-atomic particles will influence the charge or position of the object being viewed. We have proven experimentally that separate particles are quantumly connected over large distances and that our observation affects these particles over space and time. We have discovered that a particle can hold several different charged states at the same time. Super computer models suggest that everything is so interdependent and connected and influenced by everything else that the flutter of a butterfly's wings in the African Sarhara can trigger the making of a killer hurricane.

By simple extrapolation then, might not the heavenly bodies we look out to in the deep dark sky have influence on us, the body human?

Mathmatitian and scientist M. Guaquelin suggests "that when very complex systems are involved, it is safe to say that pure coincidence is a vanishing small reality. In fact, it is safe to say that so called coincidence is more related to things like phase locking, sensitive dependence drawing two phenomena into resonance and thus it is more properly called serendipity. Suffice it to say, that sensitive dependence and the interpenetrating influences of each phenomenon upon the rest accounts for the plethora of coincidences that mere chance cannot."

What's interesting is that Guaquelin set out to disprove the claims of conventional astrolgoy. Instead, his careful research of recording the birth dates of thousands of French women and men and comparing them to sports records and achievements clearly illustrated the "Mars Effect", that is, people born under the zodiac "Positive House of Mars Rising" sign were substantially more prone to be better atheletes.

Guaquelin also found similar effects for musicians under the Negative Mars Effect, scientists with Positive Saturn and actors with Positive Jupiter.


I've been a pretty pragmatic doubter my whole life and say things like, "Maybe, OK. But I would like to see the evidence. Show me the science."

Maybe the Science of Serendipity is being rediscovered as we find more and more evidence of large hidden meaning in happenstance.

For me, the deeper I peer through the keyhole the more marvelous and meaningful the mystery.


I hope that 2012, like our Mayan Brothers predicted, might evolve into The End of our World as We Know It.

It's always good to wake up and see the world anew.

Try it.

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