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After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University, Marley Porter taught design there for 12 years as Adjunct Faculty, while building up his architectural practice. From the beginning, in 1979, his designs have inspired and warmed the hearts of all who live and work in his architecture.

For three decades, Mr. Porter has been widening the search of “A Living Architecture”. Today, the firm’s name echoes this endless drive to create meaningful and artistic architecture. Living Architecture and Construction Management, Inc. continues the dedicated path to energy efficient, holistic and spiritually-charged design.

As Tribal Architect to the Navajo Nation, Mr. Porter first encountered the altered state of egoless design … that is design that is not for the architect but for and from the Creator, an integral part of the land, the indigenous materials, the eco-system, the client’s heart, and the insubstantial reality of money.

Marley Porter

Marley Porter

Projects approached then from the point of view of Living Architecture include hospitals as healing centers, churches as places of worship, office buildings as creative retreats and houses as homes. Some 4,000,000 square feet of building is now Living Architecture.

Whether designing and building with living straw bale, RASTRA (super insulated recycled polystyrene and cement blocks) or adobe, rammed earth, Cobb or conventional construction, Living Architecture is full of art, common sense and meaning.


Focused on sustainable and green design since 1979, Marley Porter has been recognized and awarded in many states including Arizona, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alabama and Texas. Projects include:


  • Town of Florence Community Center, City Hall and Senior Center

  • City of Tempe Performing Arts Center

  • Cities of Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • City of Burnet Amphitheater 


  • Mormon temples in Heber, Snowflake and Taylor, Arizona

  • Temple Emmanuel, Tempe, Arizona

  • Various remodel projects for the Phoenix Catholic Dieses

  • Phoenix Baptist Foundation


  • Scottsdale Memorial Acute Senior Care

  • MRI and CT Scans at Scottsdale Memorial North

  • Open Heart Surgical Suite at Phoenix General Hospital

  • Tempe Medical Arts Center, Dobson Medical I and II, Gilbert Medical, Chandler Medical, Power Road Medical, Thompson Medical, Missouri Medical, Osborn Medical Tower; Over 1 million square feet of medical specialty space


  • 4200 Indian School Office Building – Best of Phoenix 1982

  • Coury Chevrolet, Mesa, Arizona

  • Treaty Oak Bank, Marble Falls, Texas

  • “Y” Restaurant, Austin, Texas

  • One World Theater, Austin, Texas

  • L’Umberge and The Orchards, Sedona, Arizona

  • French Restaurant and Plaza, Marble Falls, Texas



  • La Ventana, Marble Falls, Texas

  • CastleRock and Castle Ranch, Cottonwood Shores, Texas

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